1. Health Care support

          Health care promotion, Access to care ,Rehabilitation, Health care coverage ( Mutuelle de Santé)/ Monthly medication, Nutrious food and Daily hygiene.

2. Education Support

               We sponsor education by providing tuition directly to the community learning institutions.  We support children/youth with developmental disabilities to become and remain more independent through choices, opportunities and program education and developmental services in their communities.
Tuition direct to the subsidized school , school supplies.

3. Community day program

             For children with developmental disabilities with especial program and activities in the community.

4. Economic empowerment

             Skills and training enable families to provide for their children with developmental disabilities , Cooperatives that sustain their income and as well as help them build a better future.

5. Social Support
               We offer life management counselling, recreational and leisure programs to each individual's goals. .We do job training and placement assistance for the families with disabled children in order to relieve conditions associated with disabilities and poverty. 

               We encourage community inclusion and Holistic ministry that touches ( Mind , Body and Soul)

LCS Project location : Kayonza District / Rwanda. 
Our projects started  in 3 communities with 15 children with developmental disabilities and mental together with their families who live under poverty, with the objectives of relieving the conditions that are associated with disabilities.
Our Goal is to be able to help more disabled children in Kayonza and move to  different Districts of Rwanda.

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