Vision and Mission

The mission of Living Channel Services Agency (LCSA) is to advocate for the well being and equal opportunities of individuals with severe mental and developmental disabilities. The services are for children/youth with developmental disabilities in Rwanda.
Living Channel Services Agency will empower those individuals with mental and developmental disabilities as well as their families to increase their independence through choices, opportunities , programs education, Social activities and health and developmental services.

 We value each individual as they are, with strengths, needs, and potential. We believe that people with disabilities will grow in ways they wish, when the assistance is given along with the chance to learn from life experiences.
We feel that all people have the right to follow their chosen lifestyle. We believe in supporting people to make informed choices about their life and in assisting them to reach their goals. We believe that supporting participation in community life contributes to a fulfilling lifestyle.

Living Channel Services Agency will be the leader in advancing the independent living philosophy. We envision an integrated community in which people with disabilities are valued and participate in all aspects of society. Living Channel Services ‘s vision is to provide quality services and opportunities to individuals with severe disabilities and their families. Our goal is to create an environment where they succeed in their communities, live their best fullest life for today, tomorrow and together.

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