Honor a loved one or the memory of someone dear to you, with a gift that brings hope and a smile to a child with disabilities and their family*.

* All contributions designated to specific services, will be applied to those projects. (up to 10% of the donation may be used for administration.) If we exceed our funding goal for a specific project, the remaining funds will be used wherever the need is greatest. Contributions are solicited with the understanding that Living Channel Services has complete control over the use of all donated funds. All charitable donations to Living Channel Services are eligible for a tax receipt in Canada.  Charity Registration Number: 747806685RR0001.

COVID-19 has brought fear and uncertainty across the world.  But imagine living in a place where you have no safety net, and your ability to feed your children is severely compromised.  This is the daily reality of many families who were already living in extreme poverty in Rwanda.

Living Channel Services started the bucket project to give basic necessities to the families we support, in this time of crisis. Your gift will be that safety net for a family for 3 months; providing food, health care and medication.

Each family in the community with a special needs child, will receive a bucket containing cooking oil, powdered milk, sugar, rice, beans, posho(maize flour),  as well as healthcare coverage, and medication if required.

Living Channel Services has already had an impact bringing happiness, joy, and love to the lives of the less fortunate.  With your support we can continue this ministry until this crisis ends.

                                                                                         COVID-19 BUCKET PROJECT : $80

In communities where having a child with disabilities is seen as something shameful, disabled children are routinely hidden away. Together with our partner churches we offer life management counselling and recreational opportunities, bringing families together for mutual encouragement and support. Families are able to bring their children out of the closet and many see their children and themselves, for the first time, as persons with value and loved by God.

                                                                      SOCIAL SUPPORT : $20

Children are a blessing, but for some mothers, struggling to feed and care for a child takes away their joy.  Malnourishment can stunt a child’s growth and make their disabilities seem insurmountable.  Your gift can help us provide a month’s worth of supplemental protein rich and nutritional food to a hungry child, as well as basic hygiene items to help keep them healthy.

                                                              Nutrition and Hygiene: $20  Quantity: - 1 +

Food insecurity makes it hard for families to think of anything beyond their next meal. Gardening can help mothers provide nutritious food for their children that they would otherwise be unable to afford. Surplus food can be sold at the market.  Your gift can provide seeds, tools, and training to help families start a life changing garden.


Seeds: $10                     Quantity: - 1 +

Gardening Bundle: $85  Quantity: - 1 +

(seeds, tools, and training)

Community Day Programs are a great way to help a disabled child learn independence and communication.  In addition to quality care, they receive the necessary sensory stimulation to maximize their growth and potential.  Your gift helps a disabled child attend a day program 3 times a week.  

Community Day Program: $50  Quantity: - 1 +

In homes where children often sleep on bare ground, there is no money to spare for non-essentials like toys.  Therapeutic play can help stimulate minds and allow a disabled child to progress.  Living Channel Services has set up a toy lending library to allow mothers to borrow toys that would otherwise be unattainable. As little as $10 allows us to buy new, locally sourced toys.

                                                                   Toy Lending Library: $10  Quantity: - 1 +

Opportunities for developmentally disabled children in impoverished communities are few and far between.  Your donation will help pay tuition and buy schools supplies to send a child to a specialized school.  There the child will learn to become independent and reach their full potential. 


School supplies: $      Quantity: - 1 +

Tuition: $                    Quantity: - 1 +

Eggs are an affordable source of protein and vitamin A which helps protect a disabled child from malnutrition.  Extra eggs can be sold to provide income.  Training in animal care will ensure the chickens multiply and thrive. 


Chicken: $                     Quantity: - 1 +

Training: $75                 Quantity: - 1 +

Pigs are easy to raise and grow quickly.  One sow can produce as many as 20 piglets each year to sell at the local market. Pigs are a great source of income for impoverished families, helping them raise and care for their disabled child. Training in animal care will ensure that pigs are a gift that keeps on giving. 


Share: $20                Quantity: - 1 +

Pig: $100                  Quantity: - 1 +

Training $75:            Quantity: - 1 +

Women living in extreme poverty may have to leave disabled children alone or to be cared for by young siblings, while out trying to find food or work to support their families.  Living Channel Services is committed to setting up sewing co-ops where mothers of special needs children can:

  • come together to learn new skills
  • gain opportunities to earn an income 
  • enjoy the company of other mothers 
  • be assured that their disabled children are safely cared for nearby.  

Your gift today helps mothers and children have hope for tomorrow.


Sewing Machine: $200             Quantity: - 1 +

Training and materials: $125    Quantity: - 1 +



Volunteering with Living Channel Services is unique and reward experience that is safe ,fun and exciting.

 But most importantly , you will have chance to make a positive impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in Rwanda.

As well you will have the opportunity to learn more about  Rwanda as a  country and the land of a thousand hills.


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